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For the past few days, I would have to admit that my days + state of emotion was not balanced. Somehow yesterday on Saturday ( Sept the 3rd) , an element of change came thru' the way. My morning is started with me joining my good friend in a mini pooja for Krsna and next, attended my classes thru out the whole day. However when it comes to the 3rd class, I was spiritless + disturbed ; thinking of ways of not going for the class (confession of mine) . And THEN, as I was hanging out with my wonderful dance buddy (which was far much more elder to me) , she came to speak about her LIMITED body ability in dancing : poses , movement, etc due to aging factor [though she's remarkably active in many activities ; various dances, yoga , pilates, and god knows the rest :)] I was touched , especially when she mentioned that 'young' ones like me should achieve more, when we have the ability, that indeed sounded like a 'Varaprasatham' to me. Yet she added by saying, "do it today, do not go for tomorrow, we don't know where we would 'be' tomorrow! (yes,we do hear it often, but the effect don't come together,unless when the time 'comes'). BUT today, I think the time has come, for me to just 'dive-in' rather 'submerging', and yes I did it, it made me patted my own back (rewarding the good faith in me) . I managed to pull thru' the spiritless me and persevered while doing my learning +corrections in my contemporary dance class. My teacher said " No Pain, No Gain" so true as it is , plus the timing was just so right!the pain gave me such a good pleasure ;) though there are more learning + practice to come. Hmmm, in the end of the day , I learnt, if you do not try , you may never know! So just do it ;) and I would need to thank my dance mate, cause I am unsure if there'll be a tomorrow for me, but I am glad that I have finally updated my blog after a year of break! Hari OM~


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