Promising days

A little recap on all the good things that had happened lately (few days ago) , starting from the ever wonderful Friday to the amazing Sun!

after having a drama in the office, I headed straight for my Odissi (extra) class, and 2 beautiful miracles came about :)
1) We have gotten our beautiful dance cotton sarees as our dance costume for this coming Navarathiri :) and got a colour that I like :)
2) Me and some of my friends (4 of us) are selected to move/head on to another level, which is quite advanced. Definitely this is a wonderful opportunity yet a privilege for us, and therefore I shall appreciate this blessing from God.

got up quite early in the morning,started off with my first-time-ever journey @ venture to ASWARA for a Dance Photography Workshop by public transport. I managed to reach my destination on time plus I managed to meet up some new friends, and I learnt many, many things too :) and a kind soul offered me a ride from ASWARA up to my arts school! then I joined my Flute class, next had our own practice for contemporary class. After the practice I ran back home, refreshed myself, did an archana for my father it has been the 12th year,since he departed on this date.He is still missed. After a visit to the temple, I ended my Saturday evening with a really good show entitled 'Qismat' with my dance mate @ TFA and then a little service at Annalakshmi, while sharing laughter with my friends .

got up early for the morning prayers,and then the day goes with Kathak class, followed with 2 workshops 1) Introduction to Body Movement & 2) Introduction to Acroyoga ; (shall blog more on the those workshops later!) :) Overall it was FUN especially when we did lots of daring stunts that we have never done in our life before!! then the night has been taken by a dance performance 'Established Malaysian Dance Companies'. My day has been busy, it was a great worth! Time are utilised maximumly ;) so yeah, that about it my busy weekend and
of course,dad you are missed too in the midst of busy-ness.Love you loads.
Hari OM~


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