Lesson of Life : The mind

a lesson i learnt in my Odissi dance class today - Tuesday, Sept 6th. it all started thru the 'fear' in dance , which has made our teacher to, sort of lecture about it. it's actually good, since I do experience that at times. my fear in dancing comes especially when it comes to Kathak, mainly with the 'chakkars' @ turns. i am still thriving in it , provided with some pointers on how to improve it by my charismatic Kathak teacher. however, my fear also comes at the wrong timing that will make me go out of my mind, yes, I did experience that lately. well, let's not focus too much on fear.the fear comes when your mind is not in a correct frequency, you should control it, and not let it take control of you. let's just say, if you are scared to do a particular step and you find it hard, rather you see the negative side of it, let's just take it as something which is do-able and imagine the satisfaction you get when it is accomplished.most importantly PRACTICE, that's the wonder - of getting yourself familiarised & comfortable with the steps. so less worry ,soonafter. :) and yes when my teacher mentioned about it today, my inner being actually responsed automatically to what she said about the mind that (may) conquer you.in the end , it is part of the learning process,and we gain the knowledge & experience, towards a beautiful life ahead. Hari Om~


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