1st April, me a free bird :)

A pleasant day today :D..a day of me out of work,into a peaceful atmosphere..

Spending more time with me,myself...and lesser hype (vocally) since I DO talk a lot in the office..and now left the memories of the pictures taken yesterday. Yes and me end up being SILENT-literally untalkative..huhuh!!

By the way,yesterday 1st April was my last day in Asia Media (Puchong), never I planned for a farewell as I am totally out of mood though I am all excited!!! :D
ME and my colleagues + an office mate just had a simple lunch together @ McD, after that we got hyped up when we got ourselves immersed into the action of CAMWHORING,LOL!.
I am so happy to get to know that they are also POSERz :D

We did our shoot both indoor(office)& outdoor(playground)
it was really FUN!!

The Dudes (L-R) : Glenn, Ng, Tony and Fadzli

The Ladies : Aisyah, Me and Indryana

Indoor Camwhore!

Outdoor Camwhore!

Glenn has given me a heart touching artwork, which I simply requested (never knew he will take the effort to grant it)It is indeed very sweet of him :)
Thanks Glenn! Us from L-T: Fadzli,Ng, me, Glenn, Indryana & Tony

Whereas Indryana has also impressed me with her love thru the gift that she gave me, it is a chain with beads pendant (cute doggie).Awww!!! I am so going to miss them..I sure WILL!and I am already missing them now!!
Green: Indryana's & Pink: Mine :)

Anyway for all those who made the farewell a MEMORABLE one.Thanks a lot! You all shall be remembered and may God bless you :)


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