Split personality @ Dual Personality?

Last week,Monday (9th-March), it was public holiday...therefore I arranged an appointment with this person (J @ R) The notion of meeting him is to gain some knowledge on arts, which I love to learn thru the experienced ones..
So we set up an appointment at a cafe'...

Then after talking to him.. i was suprised to find 2 identities within him...WOW!

He-in one personality (J) is a normal man, who has finished his Law degree in UK but left puzzled on his own identity..

Whereas the other personality-(R) is a very talented man who can paint, play piano and also writes poem...who also had his beloved companion too..a woman of his love..who is no more...

When i talked to him i got the goosebumps in package with the hair raising effect..

I was supposed to talk to the other personality-R, who is a multitalented being but ended talking to the other personality-J, who couldn't help me much in my journey of arts...

In normal he's known as J but he will come into a trance mode and transformed into R (during arts activity), I have seen it with my own eyes!!
But it was impressive to see a person to live with two different personality..
Sometimes it is not easy for him (R), he admits that he don't even know how he can paint, play piano and write poems ...all that he knows is that he will see himself facing paintings,poems and felt as though as he is awaken from sleep..

I also realised that he is a very emotional man too..gosh think that it won't take him long to let out his tear when I talked about the lover of the artist,R...she died it seems...

Hmmm,ok then looks like Mr.J or R is going to leave to India and then later to US
But before he left...

This is the last thing he told me..
"Mala, I may not be the one I am now (Mr.J) I may be someone else..(that is the multitalented man-R) "

Well looks like he is going to get thru a hard time in knowing himself...well it's not esy for him especially..he might even forget the identity that he owns now in the future..may god bless him

By the way, he also wished me luck in getting acquainted with my prince charming, god that was sweet of him :)

ok, he shall be one of the peculiar person in the WALK OF MY LIFE, hope that he will be blessed by God too...May he progress well in US since he will be settling there in the future..may Mr.R excel well in arts too..God BLESS...


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