The birth of

I was looking thru some pictures in my folder and came to see some snapshots on this particular day on the 31st January =)

This was the day i planned to come up with my blog, and at last I did it. I created my blog in the office as I was working on that Saturday. Seriously, this was the much awaited day...
Well for this my credits goes to some beings, who, inspired me and (1) pushed me to do blogging. Ahaha!!will reveal those people later.Btw for this time being I just post some pictures on the birth of my blog =P

Creation of DPL<<divinepurplelotus>> the process...

it has been created,at last!Gosh!!

now gotta type out a idea and yet have to think hard to come up with one..then i decided to type on whatever I am feeling at that there I am

There it is my blog

p.s:I call my blog as my hubby because he is there as my companion and he's where I live,talk and walk my life with..

Well that's all for today, next posting, I will come up with those who inspired and also pushed me to blog.


zAKiah said...

siapa yang bagi galakan tu semua?huwaaa...tak cakap pun...

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