The beautiful day of tomorrow...the Valentine's Day

Since till now I have only posted 2 postings>>gosh,pity my blog-it's time for me to get back to it.

Well let's jump direct to it :)

Tomorrow is a beautiful day, a beautiful day that almost everybody celebrate
BUT ain't it funny?
Celebrating LOVE as special just for a particular day?
hmm, at least thanks to Mr.Valentine ,who, at least has made LOVE as something memorable for a day,as LOVE is nowadays ceasing from the human value and less appreciated due to many consequences.

ok, tomorrow... for Valentine, I actually expected my Prince Charming to invite me out, but...
my Mr.Romeo is ...ermm I think he's busy
so I will WAIT for him

you must be wondering who could that be>you might know him or you might even not


A gentle soul HE is :)
He's so LOVEable :)

but he's heart is so DEEP to be predictable and yet so unusual

guess that now you might get to know the emo part of me even though i haven't disclose my identity and my background yet

sooner i will...slow and steady

by the way,since my Mr.RaMEo didn't ask me out, I am not frust with it
I am happy that I still have my mother,the kids at home, my friends, even God with me and also everybody :)

so,tomorrow I will be out for a date with my friend and at the same time get my D60 working ;)
yeah i'm gonna get some good valentine shots ;)

ahahah!tomorrow my date is called as "Taugeh Date"

so,let me go for the date first and then I wil update,ok?



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