AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda and the unfolding

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have you ever watched this wonderful movie AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda?
It is a great biopic (released in US year 2014) on the much respected yogi,Paramahansa Yogananda-author of the Autobiography of a Yogi.
The movie eventually depicts his quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path.
It is an eye-opener, even the heart!

actually..i have always been wanting to watch this movie for quite some time
due to some copyright or  country restriction issue,it is not viable to be watched online in this country
initially,i got it once-but not for long though...
after many efforts for the movie,i went quiet on it
instead, i got back to my continuation of Autobiography of a Yogi reading,in few attempts too
and to humbly share a few meaningful events which took place during my reading - i was blessed with the greatest opportunity to visit Paramahansa Yogananda's house in Kolkata
it was not an easy one - but i guess if it is meant to happen,it will (even through hardship)
We(me & my friend) are blessed to make our way to Yukteswar Giri ashram in Serampore,Paramhansa Yogananda uncle's house and many other divine holy places.
Hence,our Ganga Yatra (Sept 2016) is blessed by Paramahansa Yogananda & the other Divine Masters..

And lately,after many trials...i came to complete my reading on "Autobiography of a Yogi"
personally-  it was like a wonderful achievement,more alike Sadhana which at first, i almost gave up
and i got back to the book (few times) after long gaps - especially the part where Yogananda meets his Guru,Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
and with the yatra which i went lately,it somehow boosts up my reading (yes,challenges still came by through delays)
also with my last clinic visit - i happened to be at the final chapter of the book and my doctor's sharing gave another dosage of boost
added with the amazing opportunity to go to KL SRF was truly an amazing blessing too :)
thus life unfolds,mystically..significant events came by,one after another
and finally - i have come to the completion of the book.
it was not that easy-but it was of great worth

and yes - next, i get to watch the movie
how greatly rewarding it is
it was indeed a rare opportunity
the movie left me in tears.deeply affecting me..

and i pondered ,rightafter...
why after a long time - i get to watch the movie?
and i think i got the answer too
maybe i am meant to watch the movie after i complete my reading
to upkeep the flow which also requires the discipline
that pretty much sums up to an ultimate understanding of : things will come/happen at the right timing
i guess the divine wants me to complete my reading and then flow with the rest
how nice... :)
and i also believe - when one goes through challenges or hardship to attain/achieve becomes a sadhana...and upon achieving it through hardship,the feel would be of different.
it will be more appreciated and yet precious,that you value it more.

with that, i am counting & cherishing my blessings-day by day
may the Divine be with me...
and here they are the links of the movie,incase if you are keen to watch it..when the time comes...

1) (please ensure that you crossout the "x" on the video link, then you will be able to see the full thumbnail view of the movie, and then click on the Play button)


so..with this,concluding this post with:
Everything happens at the right timing & if it is meant to happen,it shall...


jai gurudev~

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