Paramahansa Yogananda , Autobiography of a Yogi & the Divine

Finally, i managed to finish reading the book :Autobiography of a Yogi (14/11/2016) ,after many trials.
brought the book along, during Kolkata trip (2016)
Upon the completion of my reading - I would also like to associate this blog posting  with my personal experience that connects to Paramahansa Yogananda
i had a clinic visit yesterday (Nov 14,2016) and it has brought me more insights on Yogananda ji as well the other divine beings : Kriya Babaji,Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteswar Giri.
My doctor shared quite a lot of info, on these: Shambhavi Mudra, Bhramari Mudra, Kriya, Sahasrara, Anahata etc.
Dr.Soma has the keen interest in sharing about spiritual matters; based on his experience & reading.
hence my medication prescription - usually comes with spiritual sharing,most of the time.

And to add in,lately i was given the opportunity to go to SRF KL (for the first time) which is located in Kuchai Lama.
It was a great opportunity (as I have wondered earlier where the center is,in KL) & for that ,I would need to personally thank Anand Paranjothy for the kind consideration to invite me for the Monastic Tour led by Self-Realization Fellowship monks from 3rd of November to 6th of November 2016.
I joined one of the session on the 3rd Nov,2016-which is consist of meditation & satsang conducted by monks from US & Australia.
It was indeed a hearty moment - whereby I learnt new things & very much happy that I came across it,happened to experience it.
too precious for me.a personal & humbling experience.
In the satsang,the monk mentioned some stories on spiritual perseverance using examples such as
glass cleaning (window),butter churning & the house builder.
The stories were so good - left a mental imprint on devotion,in me.
i felt so wonderful.

another interesting part is that i learnt are the prayers/chants (also affirmations).and also how to send out the healing energy.
one of the prayer of the Divine Mother ,which have been mentally captured is , as below (more or less):

"Divine Mother...
Thou art my life
Thou art my goal
Thou are the sweetness
Which I will seek"

Pardon me - if at all ,it is incomplete or manipulated by any way.
As this is just my rough capturing out of the vocal chanting during the session.

To conclude - below are the many interesting findings/encounter during the visit to KLSRF and how fortunate am i for all of these:



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