Krsna Janmashtami 2016

Aug 25, 2016 -  the joyous day of celebrating Little Krsna's appearance...
On this very good day itself a lot of good things came by to me
During the day,the good news of an accomodation confirmation came by from an ashram (upcoming journey),
also got  an unexpected generous gift by a good replace a kind & thoughtful of her.
and due to that,it is also the start of a new discovery for me.need to get into learning mode.

The evening of this day,was a little hectic but very productive - with 1 Odissi replacement class & another Odissi dance practice (upcoming show) back-to-back
After refreshing  myself - I head on to Shanta Mandir, to catch up with the Krsna Janmashtami prayer that starts from 10pm up till midnight. Upon reaching the mandir,it was just nice to catch up with the milk abhisegham of Krsna.
And there I came across many cute little Krsnas & even Radha / Gopis ,where the little ones adorned with costumes & adornments ..
they caught many attention - roaming about in their innocence and excitement/wonder
Well how nice,is that...
Also during the prayer, there is a beautiful aradhana - dance offering by the TFA dance students
It is a warm dance of Lord Krsna & with the Gopis (a small snippet below)
It was lovely that the song is so soothing & so loving.
And right at midnight , the prayer came to it's end enveloped with bhajan sung by Swamiji (Aadugindran Ennul Paadugindran Ananda Radhaiyudhan) as well the Manggala Arathi.
In whole,it was truly a blissful experience & wonderful to be hearing Swamiji's loving voice- throughout the mantras,hymn,chants, bhajans.
Krsna becomes the highlight ~ as He looked enigmatic & charming on his birthday - shown in the images,below..
Lets all be drenched in the love of divine devotion.
The thirst shall never be quenched, towards eternity.
Ever flourishing as Karuna Sindhu..the Ocean of Mercy/Compassion..

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"

The Dance , Aradhana Video 

 Shyamsundar ....


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