fragile life

have you ever wondered or come across this?
the person that you love , whom you had a wonderful bond with - one day..changes,turns away from you - leaving you... is.

even worse , when they leave you with no goodbye.

in this life
one thing for sure, as we all know : nothing is of certain or permanent

the person that you used to know - (may) become a stranger one day
just like nature - ever changing,so is human.
Change is inevitable. 
but love never changes.
Only ego,ignorance clouds it.misguiding it

So if you were to ever face any loss.
nothing more can be done, they may or never come back - you can mourn for their loss (for a while) yes - it is okay to cry..
and then, you are just good to go - move on, carry on - gently

Letting go is never easy but you can make it so by just putting in your thoughts & effort
it will come to you.flow with it.

I am still finding my way,though...



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