feeling Humanity

Yesterday , Monday the 8th of August -

as I was walking home after work,  I came across two men whom themselves are strangers to each other.
One of them is a homeless man & another is a foreigner who seemed to look like a man of profession.

I noted them,  I stopped & watched.

The foreigner was kneeling down towards the homeless man (Malaysian) who is seeking shelter under a posh residence, and giving him some stuffs while politely speaking to him.
From his accent - I knew he is an African by his Origin..
and after he is done - he was walking towards my path.

I did not think twice - spontaneously started a conversation
I asked if he helped the homeless man
He said "Yes" and humbly shared on what he have got for the homeless uncle : Mat, thick blanket, toiletries, new shirt, food etc
I was very impressed & greatly inspired
Such generosity - too precious.

heartwarmed.. i requested him to keep up the good job
for being such a selfless soul
and we kept on walking together while we had a little chat
he introduced himself as Matthias & shared that he is from Tanzania
and so did I, in return

and soonafter, we parted our ways.

It was such a good wrapup for the day
to witness such loving kindness.

Thank you Divine Energy



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