Dilemma : Cold & warmth

In a dilemma ;

your presence day by day becomes cold , to a frozen you

meanwhile a warm passionate being came about

to soothe & calm me down

i told about 'you' to you- the frozen you


you snapped

and told me about 'me'

i didn't accuse you on anything

i happened to tell you what i see, which you may not realise

but in return you have made me hurt

that it made me shed my tears

thinking how can you be so straightforward when you

utter about yourself, in your own point of view


not in expressing your feelings?

we have known ourselves for 4 years

don't you know how soft is my heart, to get cold hard words from you?


why is it so hard to tell your feelings when you are a social butterfly?

anyhow, i have slowly opened up to other options & opportunities

and i do not know with whom i am fated to be with, or maybe not...

I am hoping for the good ...

God bless..

hope one day u can show me some emotions

and i hope it would not be too late for the 2 of us..

take care love...


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