Enhancing Positivity During the Holiday Season

by Laura Hamilton (Psychicsuniverse.com)

The holiday season is in full swing and that means lots of bustling activity and happy times. Parties, shopping, entertaining and all sorts of preparations are on the list. While this can be a great time to celebrate and connect, it can also be quite challenging.

Many people succumb to stress and depression at this time of year. Even the most positive people can be affected by negative thoughts and energy. This is a perfect time to enhance your positivity!

Holiday Challenges

The holiday season presents extraordinary challenges. There is a great deal of pressure around preparations and deadlines. Some people thrive on the numerous expectations of the season, but many people feel stressed.

It usually starts with thought patterns and attitudes. If you find yourself saying things like: “I have so much to do, I’ll never get it all done” or “I’ll be glad when the holidays are over, “ stop and take a moment to regroup. Change your focus and reframe these thoughts.

Remember that the holidays are meant to be a happy time. Amidst the hustle and bustle we forget to actually take moments to enjoy the season.

Say to yourself, “I am getting a lot accomplished” and “I have time to enjoy the holidays.” While you may not actually feel that way, keep practicing. Continue to adjust those negative thoughts and put a positive spin on them. Eventually it will become habit and you’ll start to feel better.

The same goes for your relationships during the holidays. You might experience family challenges. Perhaps your spouse isn’t helping out enough or you dread dealing with relatives at this time of year. By all means, discuss issues and ask for help, but also look at your thoughts.

Are you seeing these situations in the negative? Are you anticipating the behavior of others to be difficult? Reframe your thoughts in these areas too. Say to yourself: “My spouse is ready to help” and “I can deal with relatives in a more positive way.” Keep practicing and you will see small changes in your attitude.

Holiday Happiness

Remember that the holidays are meant to be a happy time. Amidst the hustle and bustle we forget to actually take moments to enjoy the season. How silly is that? Although it’s easy to get distracted, slow down and take a positivity break every now and then.

If you are out shopping, take a break by stopping for lunch or a hot chocolate. Be sure to spend that time focused on the break and not getting back to the list. Put a bubble around the moment and don’t allow any thoughts of shopping or chores to get in. Focus on the present, not the “presents” right now. Being in the moment gives you a chance to recharge and boost your positivity.

Also take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. Go for a walk to look at the neighborhood lights and decorations. Listen to some uplifting holiday music. Reminisce over positive events of holidays past. Keep your attention focused on these joyous little things rather than holiday traffic, bills and rude shoppers.

Wrap It Up

While your busy giving gifts, why not give the gift of positivity to yourself and others? Practice thinking good uplifting thoughts and sharing them with others. If you like, imagine each happy thought as a brightly wrapped gift box. Visualize those boxes going out into the cosmos, waiting to be opened and shared by those needing a positive boost.

Continue practicing your upbeat thinking. By constantly striving to keep a positive attitude it will show. Those around you will sense this newfound energy and appreciate it. In fact it will become contagious! You will inspire them to enhance their own positivity and carry it out into the world. What gift could be better?


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