How to Live a More Spiritually Fruitful Life

extracted from PSYCHICS UNIVERSE

Living the Spiritually Devoid Life

The fast pace of everyday living, while being necessary at times, is something that can stifle us spiritually. Because we are so concerned with paying bills, buying extra goods, and sticking to a set schedule, our own sense of spirituality ends up neglected. This fact leads to depression in many people who find themselves wondering what their purpose is in life and whether they will ever be happy.

The saddest part is that most of these people don't think that happiness is a realistic or achievable goal for them. They accept that happiness comes every once in a while but they cannot even fathom the idea of contentment. This attitude is truly detrimental to their individual growth and is a concept that has been perpetuated throughout modern society.

All hope is not lost! There are several steps you can take to increase your spiritual growth and invite a feeling of peace into your own life.

Be Mindful of Yourself, Others, and That Which Surrounds You

Slow it down for a moment. Take the time to appreciate what is around you. Appreciate the people you see every day because some day you may no longer see them. Respect them for what makes them special and for bringing themselves into your life.

If only for a few minutes a day, observe the things you see regularly but never pay much attention to: the way trees draped in green leaves slowly sway in the wind, how you communicate with others, the way they communicate with you, the silly smile that creeps over your lover's face when he or she looks at you, etc. Devote extra attention not only to others but to yourself as well!

Aim For Growth

If there is something you do not like about how you handle issues, work to change that. Do not change yourself for the sake of others, but work to fix your problems if something bothers you. If you have anger issues, reduce outbursts by: 1) being aware and 2) turning your energy into something more productive or creative.

By transferring energy typically used to express anger into something that helps you, you not only reduce your rage but also replace it with an act that encourages spiritual growth. Do not ever tell yourself that you can't improve because that simply is not true.

Look at all the people who have overcome self-esteem and anger issues. This goes for physical complications too. People have recovered from accidents that harmed their brain thanks to the concept of neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to "rewire" itself to such a degree as to make up for problems within it.

Making improvements to your lifestyle can also lead to a change in brain chemistry. Our brains are magnificent computers, and we can use our own minds to repair them!


There are so many different disciplines that emphasize meditation and prayer that it's hard to know where to begin. No one can tell you what works best for you. It is up to you to discover this.

Prayer is most common within religions, while meditation can be used by those who do not have any set religion or do not believe in a higher power. Both can be used to ground you and reconnect you with the feelings of God, nature, or whichever concepts you wish to facilitate a bond 


So often we underestimate the power of laughter! Laugh when you can, let it fill your soul with joy. Laughter has the ability to convey happiness and influence the happiness of others.

Making yourself laugh while in a bad mood can also completely change that mood. Do not hesitate to smile at the absurdity of life, and especially smile when you least feel like it!

Om Shanti~


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