You did it your way...

Michael Jackson, the world's most legendary Pop Singer has departed yesterday (Thursday). Never I have thought that he would leave so soon.Despite the demise, I am still proud that his name, songs and even his dance will always hold the legacy of Pop King amongst others heart. Looking back at the moments when I used to listen to his songs with my dad; my dad is an avid fan of MJ, it is sad to see him no more. With this, I would like to dedicate this posting to him as an obeisance towards him.
I have a few videos down here,as a tribute to him; they are my fav tracks too. Even though he is gone, his name would still be in praise, just like how Shakespeare is... MJ you are loved, and still will be loved...may you rest in peace..Om Shanti...

Farrah fawcet, the blonde beauty has also fade away due to anal cancer. I recently came across her when I was doing a write up. I got to know that she was acting in the earlier version of "Charlie's Angels" way back in the 70's.Her story too, has moved me when she recorded the last moment of her life which was initially catered for her family only, but at last she made it public so that others would know how it is to experience it, and also so that people will value their life more. I am proud that she made a documentary on herself to inspire others.

With this I am hoping that the 2 souls will attain peace & thanks to them for all the inspiration given.

*This clip says it all, about peace & love*

*Nature deserves a chance, just like us, the human race*


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