Korea: Arirang...

had a MEMORABLE encounter today with what I came across ages ago; those time of being a kid, in a music class but not so sure of which level-Standard 3 @ 4

It was when I learnt Arirang, a Korean folk song
My teacher taught me the song with a recorder.
Also remembered those time when I sang the song(in English translation)and it goes like:
Arirang, arirang, Ariyayo.......(proceeds)
Those time i know this song is actually a kind of sad love song.
But now, being grown up, I understand the song better (experience based)
The lover, longing for her heartthrob who is on a long journey. She wishes him to get sore feet so that the lover will be back to her, from the long journey.
I loved this song from the moment I hold the musical notes..
Ok,for this posting,let's hear the various version of the song, in different instruments.







*Arirang-Dance on Ice


I am so crazy of this song!!
Hope all the videos above entertained you
and hope the lovers get together again
Hope the same for all of us too; to be happy & peaceful
and best of all, to be gifted.. the love of our life..till the end of our mortality..to infinity & beyond



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