My loves.......... past & present

Music has always been one of my great soulmate; it heals my soul and I live with it all my life..
But what does it gotta do with my love? moreover,of the past and of the present?
Here you go.. the answers are all here, just here :)

The Past

1 day I happen to hear this one particular track titled 'New Kafi' from the album 'Secret of the Wind', from that moment, I was so hooked on this 'awesome man', who's turns out to be the creator of the track. The man is really good at sitar & flute, even saxophone also!
I have also collected other tracks of his, a collection of his albums (not all-still collecting), indeed. When I got to know about 'him', I was shocked, he is not an Indian, he is a Germany! Wow! Kudos to him!Prem Joshua (Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Composer, Flautist, Sitarist)
*Origin : German
*Instruments: flute (age 5) , saxophone
*travelled to India at the age of 18 to study the indigenous folk music
*Joshua learnt Sitar from Ustad Usman Khan,India's finest Sitar teacher (thank God I have met him also @ TFA) and enlightened by Osho (read about him)
*why do I like him so much?
he blends the East and the West music genre, can see that he really experimented various forms of music. Yet the way he collaborates the jazz and classical beat (Hindustani) is simply stunning. Then he came in with lounge & trance ,bali, arabic and other beats.
*His music has immensely contributed to the Asian underground and fusion scene.
*Previously, when I was in varsity, most of my dance performance comes together with the beat of his beautiful tracks. One day I am hoping to meet this amazing man.
* His music is one of my love, from the past, since it has been quite long I was hooked on it..

The Present

Few weeks back when as I was surfing, I came across this man, hmm..well he actually collaborated with Prem Joshua (the person mentioned above), via a track,remixed 'Secret Place' from the album 'Dakini Lounge'
The track is in the video,below (Give it an ear)

I have to admit this as well, this cute tabla playing bearded fella is also a sexy dude, seriously..not only through looks but also thru his talent..
His remixed track 'Beautiful' from the album 'Broken English' enchanted me, and it turns out to be most of his energetic tracks suits for contemporary dance!

Karsh Kale (Producer, Composer, Tabla Player, DJ, Drummer, Singer/Songwriter, Remix Artist)
* Origin: Stony Brook,New York
* Well known for melding electronic club music of his American upcoming
* He has collaborated with renowned artists such as the Madras Cinematic Orchestra and tabla masters, such as Zakir Hussain
* He often creates a unique blend of Indian percussion with techno music and drum & bass.
One of his track is down here... :)

Based on all this, I am so love struck with the presence of this 2 guys, Prem & Karsh,hope to get to know the others too (I have some newbies in my list)

Currently I am so so enchanted by Karsh, that most of the time, I ended up dancing in the room and as for Prem, I use his tracks to do yoga, daily in the morning. My life is so refreshed and enticed by them.... Therefore I highly recommend these dosage for those who wants to get in trance mystically..just like in love...Om Shanti...


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