For photographs, you can put them either in bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) sleeves, polyester (Mylar) sleeves, or Glassine photo sleeves which are pH-negative and archival and made of nonplasticized paper.  All of these should be fine, for they do not react with photographs.  When using sleeves, you will need the backings to support the photographs.  The backings have to be acid-free board or thick paper.  You can find the backings at the same place where you find the photo sleeves.  You can also use the backings or boards for scrapbooking, since the materials for scrapbooking is usually acid-free.

You can also put your photographs in the photo storage boxes.  Just make sure that they are lignin-free and acid-free.

Pencil : Sketches & drawings

For pencil sketches and drawings, you will need to spray fixative onto the drawings.  Don't buy anything that's cheap.  It is critical to use non-yellowing, good quality fixative.  Since they are pencil works, choose matt finish clear fixative.  I am not saying that you cannot use glossy finish.  Basically, pencil drawings are meant to be non-glossy and non reflective.  We don't want to give the pencil drawing a different charateristic. However, if you like them to be shiny, by all mean, use glossy finish.

Buy PH-neutralizing spray, make-acid-free spray, or de-acidify spray.  I don't remember the names of the makers.  However, you can find it in retail store now.  Spray de-acidify spray on the BACK of the drawings, NOT the front.  This will make acidic paper acid-free.

After everything is dry (they dry in no time), you can put them in the photo sleeves i described in the paragraph above.  After these procedures, your drawings should last generations without a slight change

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